Thursday, December 22, 2016


So Christmas is only a few days away. I’m not working in the office today, which is great. While catching up on some Facebook this morning, I got a reminder that it’s been one year since we made our announcement to all our friends and family on social media that we were going to be adopting. One year. 

A lot has happened since then. I missed writing a post during Thanksgiving time, though I wanted to, but time got away from us. It wasn’t that we had a major update to send out or anything, but just to share some thoughts about how much God has blessed us over the past year - and He has - and we are so thankful! He has provided and is providing and has shown us over and over how He is clearly preparing for us to adopt.

I figure it’s time for another long-overdue post. As with most people, it’s a busy time of year for us, filled with Christmas musicals, end of the year events, parties, and of course shopping. Everyone is always in such a big hurry to go somewhere, meet someone, or buy that one last present. Patience is not something many have this time of year. I admit that I’m not always the most patient person either.

I was reminded of this fact when standing in line the other day waiting to buy a gift for someone. I hate lines. I hate waiting. People wait in lines all the time for various reasons - some good, some not so good. For example, no one likes waiting in line at the DMV, especially if you have to sit there for a couple hours. But waiting in line at a theme park in order to ride your favorite ride of all time, well that’s another story! The anticipation can be excruciating, knowing that what waits for you at the end is so good!

And then it hit me. Thinking about our adoption and the waiting. “God, when is this going to happen for us?” He reminded me that some of the best things in life are worth waiting for. That only the BEST things in life take time. He created the world in seven days. Why? He could have done it all in just an instance. Why take so long? Being Christmas, we’re reminded of and now celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Our long awaited Messiah! Why did His arrival on earth take so long? I think it’s because even from the beginning of the earth, God teaches us that His greatest gifts take time. We just need to be patient and trust in Him that He’s getting things ready. The Bible says in Lamentations 3:25, “The LORD is good to those who wait for him.”

Standing in that long line at the store the other day, I observed others in front of me stepping up to the registers as I heard each available cashier call out, “next.” It’s a great word to hear when waiting in line! God reminded me that “patience is a virtue” and that according to 1 Samuel, “lack of patience can cause you to miss blessings.” It caused me to stop and say a small prayer about our adoption. I thanked God for all the ways He’s been proving His love for us, and all the ways in which He’s shown that He is preparing a way for us to adopt. And then I prayed that our wait would not be much longer. I prayed that we would soon be called “NEXT!”

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